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We are a website covering the latest news in green home design. There is an increasing awareness of the effects of global climate change, and many consumers are starting to want their homes to reflect their interest and concern for the environment. Technology companies and home designers are reflecting this change in their new products and services. On our site, you’ll find tons of news and editorial content about this new trend.

On our site, you can browse through tons of photos and other informational content about green housing technology. For example, we have recently featured green kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, new roofing options, and green landscaping ideas. You’ll also find interviews with those who are making strides in the world of green home design and technology, as well as guest posts and other opinion content from leaders in this field. Our staff writers have worked in home design, remodeling, and technology, and are very passionate about sharing their ideas and expertise with you. We post several new articles each week, so be sure to check back frequently for updates. If you have a request for something you’d like to see covered here on our site, please let us know! We want to share the biggest and most relevant changes in the green home design industry.

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