Many homeowners are changing the way they think about their properties. No longer is it enough just to have a space that’s functional and stylish by doing kitchen and bath remodeling in st louis – it also needs to be environmentally friendly. Luckily, technology’s biggest innovators are designing solutions to keep up with demand. Here are some of the latest technology innovations in green home design.

Smart Thermostats

One of the biggest energy users in your home is your thermostat. Heating and cooling your house does keep you comfortable, but it also can be very wasteful if it isn’t done with some caution and awareness. Smart thermostats are designed to address this problem. They are designed to maintain optimal temperatures while using minimal amounts of energy, and to shut off when you aren’t home to avoid wasting energy. Many of them can also be controlled from your smartphone for convenience, and some also offer other features that can help you save energy.

Solar Energy

Solar is an amazing form of renewable energy, and you can use it to make your home energy independent by installing solar panels. For homeowners that live in a sunny climate, it makes sense to install solar panels on your property to power your home. You can read this article for finding Good contractors in St. Louis. The solar energy that you product can reduce or even eliminate your electricity costs. You can also even make money if you put more solar energy into the electricity grid than you use. Although they’re a big investment, solar panels also can result in a huge reward.

LED Lighting

LED lights are also another great way to save money and energy. LED lights last much longer than fluorescent lights, and they also give off a brighter look while using less energy. Additionally, they are very durable, so they are a great investment for eco-conscious homeowners. If you are looking to save money and energy, you can switch over your entire household to LED lights to save hundreds of dollars over time.

Dual Flush Toilets

Water is another major concern for the eco-friendly homeowner. One easy way to save water is by using a low-flow or dual flush toilet. These toilets allow you to control the amount of water you use when you flush, therefore reducing your water waste over time. These new models work much more efficiently than older toilets and can even lower those pesky water bills, which can get very expensive.