While recently covering kitchen remodeling in St. Louis, we have noticed that many homeowners are very focused on green technology. These new additions help their household save energy, water, and more, which is great for the planet and lowers their bills on top of it. If you are looking to make your kitchen green with your do it yourself remodeling, here are some easy ideas that you can use.

Put an aerator on your sink.

The average household uses huge quantities of water each year, sometimes as much as 100 gallons per person per day. Inevitably, some of that water is waste, which isn’t ideal for either the planet or your water bill. One of the easiest ways to reduce water waste is by investing in an aerator for your kitchen sink. An aerator lowers and equalizes the amount of water you use every time you turn the kitchen sink on, preventing waste and lowering your water bill by often-staggering amounts.

Use GE Energy Star appliances.

Energy Star appliances, such as refrigerators, are designed to not just meet energy regulations, but to provide the best possible energy efficiency. Since your fridge runs all the time, it’s helpful to install one that is designed to be energy efficient, which will save you electricity. You can also save energy by raising the temperature slightly on your fridge on days when you aren’t storing highly perishable food.

Install a window planter.

A fun and easy way to save space is by planting your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs to use in your kitchen. If you like to cook, you’ll get a real kick out of being able to use fresh ingredients instead of ones from the supermarket. When redesigning your windows, research what plants will grow best in your area and then install a planter. Not only are they very functional, but they are also very decorative.

Compost your food waste.

Composting is amazing for your soil, and it also prevents biodegradable waste from ending up in landfills. Setting up a compost center is easy and is highly beneficial for your planet. You can purchase composting devices for your kitchen, which help your food waste break down quickly while neutralizing odors, but you can also just create your own DIY compost center in your kitchen or outside if you want to save money.

Switch to a low-flow dishwasher.

Dishwashers can be a major waste of both water and electricity, particularly if you are running them when they aren’t completely full. However, we don’t always have time to wash all of our dishes. Many appliance developers are beginning to realize this problem and are developing solutions, such as low-flow dishwashers. These dishwashers use less energy to run a cycle, and you can adjust how much water you want to use over the course of the cycle as well.

Bake with an electric oven.

Electric ovens are new technology that can bake and cook much more quickly than conventional ovens, saving energy and time. GE currently makes models of ovens that use halogen lights to cook food, and you can change the settings on the oven as well to determine exactly how much energy you want to use. Although these ovens are not cheap, they may be a good investment for someone who cooks frequently.

Make use of your toaster.

You can also save energy by switching some of your cooking to a smaller toaster oven. A toaster uses much less energy than an electric oven, so if you’re just cooking a small meal, it makes far more sense to use your toaster. Many people these days do not have toasters, but it makes sense to spend the money on one to reduce your overall energy usage.

Upgrading your appliances to be more energy friendly doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can save you huge amounts of money on your electricity and water bills over time. Eco-friendly kitchen remodeling is a great investment for any homeowner.